The Design Influences programme is in three parts, each a flow of voices framing and offering perspectives on Design Influences, Design Influencing and Design Influencers.


Context and introduction by co-chairs Regitze Hess & Alok Nandi

Design Influences

on what are the most significant influences on design– a sampling of what are current urgencies, agendas, trends around the world impacting the way we make, create, educate and work with design, featuring: 

framed by Alok Nandi, IxDA & Eija Salmi, Cumulus

Design Influencing

on how design is currently influencing the world around us – perspectives on how design can make a difference, and how we can demonstrate that design matters – because we measure what matters, featuring:

framed by David Grossman, ICoD & Päivi Tahkokallio, BEDA

Design Influencers

on who are at the crux of design – who are the influencers and changemakers, who are the forces instrumental in advancing the role of and responsibilities of design – who are people for design, featuring: 

framed by Jeff Soule, WUC & Flemming Borreskov, IFHP


Insights and the way forward with Brenda Sanderson, IxDA & David Grossman, ICoD and closing words by Design Influences co-chairs Regitze Hess & Alok Nandi.